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A podcast unapologetically reporting how women of color impact today’s major political events.


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Our Body Politic’s weekly episodes feature in-depth conversations about the economy, health, politics, education, the environment, and the most prescient issues – because all issues are women’s issues.


Preparing for and Fighting Against a Post-Roe Future

Preparing for and Fighting Against a Post-Roe Future

Given the recent leaked draft of a Supreme Court decision which could overturn Roe v. Wade, we did a special episode with a focus on abortion access, law and lived experience. I began by talking with best-selling author of Nomadland, investigative journalist Jessica...

Aging with Purpose and Redefining Strength for Black Women

Aging with Purpose and Redefining Strength for Black Women

What does it mean to age with purpose? In this week’s show, I invited listeners to hear a past conversation between me and author of Sign My Name to Freedom Betty Reid Soskin, who recently retired at age 100 from her work as a National Park Ranger and community...

A Few Our Body Politic Guests

“Our Body Politic manages to be both a political and cultural cheat sheet, and extremely listenable.”

– Glamour

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Farai Chideya

Host of Our Body Politic

I listen critically to stories about our human journey, and track the data on people, governments, and our global society.

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