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We’re Going on Hiatus.

Dear Listeners, 

Thank you for your support of the show. Whether you recently stumbled across Our Body Politic, or have been a listener since the beginning of our journey, we are deeply grateful for every episode listened to, review shared, and for the community and relationships built across social media and in real life. 

2023 was an extraordinary year for the show. We produced 52 high-quality episodes centering OBP’s commitment to the excellence, expertise, and interests of women of color in the news. This included, most recently, our audio documentary January 6: An American Story, a ground-breaking project documenting and detailing the role that people of color played in leading and shaping Congress’ January 6th Committee investigations.

While we are proud of our success, the reality is radio and podcast production work is grueling.  We made the tough decision to pause production and put the show on temporary hiatus.

Again, thank you for supporting us in doing the work. We appreciate your patience and grace as we regroup and recast the vision for the next chapter in Our Body Politic’s journey.

In the meantime, catch up on a few of our favorite episodes on health and wellness: 

Pressing pause, for now. 

The Our Body Politic Team