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This week on Our Body Politic, I talked to Dallas Chief of Police Reneé Hall about her career in law enforcement at a time of rising consciousness across the nation. Our regular medical contributor Dr. Kavita Trivedi explained the intricacies of Covid testing and why it’s important to keep safety protocols in place. Reporter Ruth Umoh made the connection between student debt and entrepreneurship, and Errin Haines gave us an update on the incoming stars of the Biden-Harris White House. Plus, a higher education leader shared with me how students and colleges are coping during Covid, and author Morgan Jerkins discussed her journey searching for a shared history.

And we have a new question for our listeners! How would your day be different if you spent as much time on community, family, creativity, and wellness as you do on working? You can leave us a message here, or you can call us at 929-353-7006 and leave a voicemail. If you want us to use your voice on-air, be sure and say “You have my permission to air this.”