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This week I talked with Representative-Elect Jamaal Bowman of New York about his plans for a more just and equitable district, with a major focus on education. Contributor Errin Haines of The 19th updated us on the latest moves in the incoming Biden Administration, and NPR correspondent Hansi Lo Wang explained why the 2020 Census is still not over. Imani Barbarin discussed the intersection of disability and social media. And Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom, MacArthur “Genius”, shared how she beautifully annotates her lived experience as a Black woman and sociologist in her collection of personal essays.

My question for listeners this week is: How would your day be different if you spent as much time on community, family, creativity, and wellness as you do on working? Let us know what you think by writing in here, or calling us at 929-353-7006 and leaving a voicemail. If you want us to use your voice on-air, be sure and say “You have my permission to air this.”