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This week I spoke with LaTosha Brown (pictured above), cofounder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, about where she thinks constituents like herself belong in the country’s two-party politics. Then I looked back at another voting rights and civil rights activist from decades past: Fannie Lou Hamer, as revisited by historian Keisha Blain in her new book: “Until I Am Free: Fannie Lou Hamer’s Enduring Message to America.” Adriana Lozada, a doula with years of experience helping birthing people, explained what needs to be done to address the maternal health crisis in the U.S. On Sippin’ the Political Tea, Errin Haines of the 19th led a conversation with OBP legal analyst Tiffany Jeffers and CNN editor Eliza Anyangwe examining the Supreme Court’s arguments about abortion rights, Stacey Abrams’ leadership in Georgia, and the fall-out of Omicron across the globe.